In Appreciation

Most artists I know could rightly be described as "a strong drink," and there aren't enough thank-you's in the world for the friends and family who put up with us day after day, week after week, year after year. That said, I do need to hazard a few acknowledgments specific to this show, which includes a number of new images from a winter shooting trip to Scotland.

Without Nancy Townsend, my best friend of twenty-plus years who has accompanied me on any shooting trip with an ambitious agenda (i.e. all-night shooting in unfamiliar locales in sub-freezing temperatures), many of the photographs in this show simply would not exist. Nancy is someone who will endure all kinds of privation and press through all kinds of hardship for the good of the project, whether it's her project or mine. When we're on one of my expeditions, we joke about her being my "road dog," which, despite its underworld connotations, does describe it exactly right. Your road dog is the person who rides shotgun and who always has your back. In this kind of endurance shooting, Nancy is exactly that and more. She is my essential companion, my magic bullet.

Frank Konhaus and Ellen Cassilly are the grace, beauty, brains, and brawn behind getting me and Nancy to Scotland. In the fall of 2009, they gave over their beautiful home to a show of my work in order to help raise the money that would enable us to go. Planning and executing an exciting, exotic art project sounds fun, and thanks to Frank and Ellen, it actually WAS fun, but, like all worthwhile endeavors, it was a lot of work too. Let me just say that it's very humbling to watch very good people using their life energy so selflessly (and so often) on your behalf. The plan was a success, and to the folks who bought existing work at the Cassilhaus show or invested in a "share" to redeem for a future print, you too made this work possible. Thank you!


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