Path to the Sea
North Berwick, Scotland
20x24 inch mounted metallic C-print


We arrived at this scenic overlook in the late afternoon of a cold, rainy, blustery day in February but surprisingly, there were still some intrepid souls out walking dogs and sightseeing. I spotted this particular vantage point right at dusk and was intrigued as all its discernible detail began to disappear with the coming night. I was able to compose the picture just before the path disappeared completely from view. Placing a shower cap on the back of the camera to protect the film holder from the rain, I left it to stare at the scene for hours. It's part of why I love doing this work that it was only after I got the film back that I saw the details: in addition to the path, there were three park benches and a golf tee in this forbidding location, and apparently, multiple ships had passed by on the horizon during the intervening hours, leaving their individual trails of light behind as witness.


©MJ Sharp / www.mjsharp.com


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