Durham, North Carolina
30x40 mounted C-print

After several nights of trying, I finally made the photograph I wanted of this Durham storage pod. As it is near my post office, I continued to pass by it on a regular basis. I had always thought of the scene as immutable, but one day when I passed by, I saw that there was now a small pod, offspring-like, right next to the larger one. Unfortunately, rather than creating a new and compelling composition, the additional pod simply cluttered the poignant scene of the solo pod. The mini-pod stayed there for about a year, and then, just as mysteriously, it disappeared. I had long before learned the hard lesson that any scene that strikes you as a wonderful photograph should be photographed right then, no matter how improbable it is that it will suddenly change, but the experience of the sudden "baby pod" was a vivid reminder of that fact. The last time I drove by, the original pod was gone as well.


©MJ Sharp / www.mjsharp.com


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