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Resource Center for Women in Ministry in the South
Lecture+Conversation about the Fulbright Darkness project work, October 2022

Environment and Sustainability Institute at the University of Exeter, UK
State of the Art Talk, February 2022
Our Disappearing Darkness and Recreating True Night

Curator's lecture on Reflections on Light: Works from the NCMA Collection, 2020

Faculty unionizing article in the Washington Post, February 2019

Artist conversations video from opening reception of Eureka!

Blue Greenberg: Collecting for Love, Not Speculation, review of Medici Schmedici: Demystifying the Artist/Collector Bond, Craven Allen Gallery, 2015

Durham Photographer MJ Sharp Embraces the Uncertainty, Matt Goad, News & Observer, February, 2015

PhotoVision probes 175 years of photographic developments and anxieties, review of PhotoVision: Selections from a Decade of Collecting, Brian Howe, Indyweek, September, 2014

Two Centuries in Five Rooms, Chris Vitiello's review of Light Sensitive at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, 2013

What the Negative Saw: M.J. Sharp's Long-Exposure Photographs at Durham's Craven Allen Gallery Chris Vitiello's review of Light Cache

MJ Sharp: The Night Had Become My Habitat, a short film by Emma Gilmore-Cronin & Debbie Ripley, 2012

Profile in Duke Magazine by Bridget Booher , 2011

Light Cache show at Craven Allen Gallery coverage, 2011/2012

Independent Weekly

Duke Chronicle

Daylight Magazine


Southern Photography

Durham Herald Sun

Visions of Night  / interview (in French)

The Yumi Show at Cassilhaus Gallery / Cassilhaus fundraiser for the CSA Scotland project

La Nuit, No.9  / interview (in French and English)

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